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    Fecha : 8 enero 2021
    Ubicación : calle pont de molins 29, 3D izquierda

    We are looking for an investment partner to finish the construction of a water bottling factory. The business is very profitable: WE DO NOT ACCEPT INTERMEDIARIES – We already have the necessary equipment purchased, which comes from India. The provider takes care of installing and maintaining the factory, as well as operating it. – The factory has a capacity of 200M liters per year, expandable to 400M – We have the exclusivity of the wells that supply the factory: they are our property (there are 4) – We also have the plastics and caps, labels and everything necessary for bottling – The price of a liter of water is 0. 80 cts – In addition to not having competition, we have insured buyers (it is located near a Muslim pilgrimage site (Touba), which has a lot of movement of people) The investment It is in exchange for ACTIONS. For more info, you can visit our pages www. ferrometalgroup. com and www. agromansenegal. com



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