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Hostel to sell in Menorca Island (Spain)
Menorca is a touristic Spanish island that possesses excellent infrastructure and landscapes, which makes it an ideal place for spending holidays. It is one of the most visited islands in the entire world, and millions of tourists choose this place for spending their vacations, attracted by its beaches and pleasant weather as well as the richness of the artistic gastronomic heritages. In what concerns the incomes of the touristic sector, Menorca Island is the second most visited place in Spain, after Barcelona.
The hostel Miramar has a surface of 1.700m2 between all the built floors. This hostel is placed along the seashore, where the city council approved a goods station that in maximum 2 years timeframe is going to be launched. Currently, the Hostel is closed due to improvements that need to be made. Furthermore, the hostel administration developed and presented a project to the City Council with the aim of transforming the building in 17 holiday apartments.
Our family inherited the hostel from our father, however, decided to sell it after his death given that none of the children has a professional connection with the touristic field.
The following pictures reflect the exact location of hostel as well as the design of the 17 apartments included in the project that has been already submitted to and approved by the City Council. The entire reform of the hostel or of the 17 holiday apartments is valued around 700.000-800.000 euros.

We would be pleased to send further information regarding the design and the project to investors that show real interest in this opportunity. Please reach out to:
Selling price: 3.700.000 Euros

Teléfono 679039495
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